A few life skills that sneakerheads must work upon, according to a leading American sneakerhead, Chris Robinson.

He is known as SB Collector and aims to flourish as an entrepreneur and influencer to become an inspiration for many others like him.

Some people wish to enter the entrepreneurial world with the aim to learn life lessons, something that can change their lives forever. But some others are into their chosen industries purely because they wanted to and they love their niche. The sneaker industry is filled with people from the latter category, where individuals are totally in love with sneakers and along their journeys to attain success in the same have also learnt important life lessons, which has allowed them to become more professional and skilled. Chris Robinson, aka SB Collector, who is an Irish and African American from a small town on the Jersey Shore, began his journey by being only a collector and today has found success with becoming a sneaker influencer and entrepreneur.

He believes that sneakers teach us many things that can be valuable life lessons; people only have to be aware and pay attention to what it teaches. These life lessons can turn an ordinary sneakerhead into an extraordinary success story. Chris Robinson, the proud owner of his Skateshop in the US, shares below a few life skills a sneakerhead can cultivate.

• An eye for detail: Looking at the countless pairs on the internet and spending long hours to know which ones are exquisites, Chris Robinson says that sneaker entrepreneurs automatically in the process develop an eye for detail and their developed skills can help them differentiate better between two different pairs.

• Forming beneficial relations: Chris Robinson says that every industry requires a give and take approach in business. The sneaker industry, too, works similarly, where individuals need to understand that to get something, they must extend a helping hand to others in the industry, like helping out a regional release, picking up extra at the local outlet, etc. This can help them form mutually beneficial relationships.

• Developing patience: Sneakerheads can see the original sample pictures of a shoe much before its release and would want to have it badly. However, the only option is to develop patience and wait for it to get their hands on the pair. This teaches them the ultimate life lesson of being patient and gaining the desired results at the right time.

Chris Robinson says that sneaker hunting keeps him motivated, knowing that there may be something out there that he doesn’t own or have never seen before. Everything about sneakers and the industry motivates him to do better each day and rise above others in the industry. To gain more insights, you can follow him on Instagram @sbcollector.

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