Ja’Monti Wright is the young basketball player who has secured his place amongst the top names in the sport.

This young athlete’s track record has been impressive, and he is bound to create more records in the future.

Some sportspersons are born to rule the game and make a huge impact with their performance. Many renowned names in the world of sports have impressed us in the past with their talent on the field or court which has swept the sports enthusiasts off their feet. There have been a few names who have come across as a breed apart with their incredible prowess which has dwarfed other players in front of them. This 6’2, young basketball sensation has done the same through his game which has taken everyone by surprise. His name was literally unknown sometime back and today his name is towering in the game of basketball for he has given impressive performance time and again in all the matches he has played so far in his career. 

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and get to know more about this talented sport person who has spellbound all with his game. Wright hails from Louisville, KY, where he has grown up watching basketball as his uncle and cousin were the local basketball stars in high school. Playing in his family owned property’s backyard, he developed deep interest in the game and decided to give it a shot professionally. His first try in getting himself enrolled in the sixth grade basketball team at Myzeek Middle School in Louisville, KY, failed miserably as he was a bit over weight and couldn’t get through the selections. Wright’s mother has been a great inspiration as she herself has been a basketball player and a track runner in the past. She had a major part in motivating him and training him hard to get to top form, which indeed helped him bag a place in the seventh grade team, which worked wonders for his sports career. 

He has been extremely aggressive in his game which earned him the name of ‘dog’. He has come up the long way and has earned impressive numbers in all the games he has played till date. When asked about his favourite personalities, Wright is quick to answer, “I have always looked up to Lebron James who has inspired me to the core.”

This young basketball talent is bound to create more records in coming times. 2021 is his year. we bet.

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