Hookah lovers rejoice, Stündenglass is here to give you your high!

This versatile smoking device which has been gaining huge momentum is the brainchild of Tracey Huston. 

Ever wondered there can be new innovative products for hookah lovers as well? Frankly speaking none did expect that! But, to our amusement and astonishment, Tracey Huston has done the unthinkable and developed one of the most versatile smoking device for vapers. Smooth as silk, Stündenglass is pure utopia for people with variety to vape with herb, concentrate and hookah. Tracey Huston, founder of Stündenglass thought it was long time that he creates a device which would be as smooth as silk for users and use his best of skills and knowledge to efficiently design the Stündenglass. Being an ex-apple employee working as senior technical specialist, Tracey thought it was the right time to get going and launch this product in open market and finally it did in July 2020 and since then it has been no looking back. Premium in pricing and marketed at top of the cream users, Stündenglass aspires to enter global markets as well.

Stündenglass offers a variety of attachments for different ways of use and is compatible to handle flower, concentrates, and shisha tobacco. Stündenglass means hourglass in German, this is due to its large rotating glass chambers which act like an hourglass. The user fills the bottom container with water and leaves the top half empty. While igniting the source, the user then flips the chambers 180 degrees. The negative air pressure causes the smoke to pull through the falling water into the once empty chamber that is now on top. Flip the chambers once more, and the smoke is expelled by the falling water through the mouthpiece.

Adding more accolades and stars, Stündenglass recently got acquired by Grenco Science who has been in the market since long for developing many vaporizers and ancillary products. Together they work collectively to constantly design and upgrade the merchandise to attract more volumes of business and enter untapped markets to cater to. The latest addition to their inventory has been the G-pen connect which is a male adaptor that attaches to any bong so that you can use concentrates without an elaborate torch setup. 

Do you wish to experience the magic of vaping by Stündenglass, do get them today! Also follow them on Instagram @studenglass. 

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