Nevada based company Cannabiotix: Introducing the world to the high life

Finally, good weed is back in California. Cannabiotix is back home and their expert team of cultivators has brought their passion for cultivating the world’s best quality dankest buds back to where it first began to its homeland in Nevada, California. 

Cannabiotix is a boutique cannabis company that was founded in 2014 by Neema Samari and Jeff Buchman, who are expert cultivators of cannabis. They have spent a lot of time away from their home in Nevada, to learn the art of cannabis cultivation. After gaining expertise is they have returned back to California and put it to use in the form of Cannabiotix. Samari and his childhood friend Eron Haroni had always dreamt to have their own cannabis company. These best friends are now on the way to fulfil their childhood dream. They both were born and brought up on the beaches of Santa Monica keeping a common goal in their mind to provide their family and friends with the craziest weed which they have neither seen nor smoked. 

Today their dream has taken the shape of reality and become the best brand of cannabis in California. There are so many other brands of cannabis available in the market of California but what makes Cannabiotix the best and superior above all other brands is the experience of the cultivators. The two expert cultivators are Neema Samari and Jeff Buchman, who have spent the early years of their youth honing their cultivating skills and growing legendary cannabis since 2000. It is their time and hard work that grants you the experience which cannot be substituted. They have been strain-hunting, breeding and cultivating superior world-class quality cannabis for more than two decades. 

They have employed their experience to create a genetic library of mind-blowing rare heirlooms. Cannabiotix has created some of the rarest and classic heirlooms. Some of their exotic and exclusive ones are Kush Mountain, Wi-Fi OG white walker OG, Tropicana etc. Cannabiotix has combined these old school classic hair looms with new exotic breeds and has managed to create some very incredible strains like Casino Kush, Earth Kush, Blueberry, Strawberry Lemonade, Sour Grapefruit, Orange cookies, Mountain mint, Wedding Cake etc. Out of these many of them are award-winning and have taken the place of best hybrid flowers consecutively from 2015 to 2018 indifferent award and cannabis cup. 

Cannabiotix customers love them as they provide the top-shelf flowers brand and the company has developed a loyalty for themselves. All strains are handcrafted, cultivated with the ultimate goal to provide the customer with safe, high-quality connoisseur grade cannabis product every time they purchase Cannabiotix product. Cannabiotix is now one of the most famous brands in California for its flower, vapes and rosins.

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