Emerging as the numero uno stock market professional is Gavin Mayo.

He has achieved tremendous success as an educator on Discord.

Some people are born to be winners and rule the world. With their confidence and self-belief, they achieve the success that many can only dream of. Gavin Mayo is one such individual who has excelled in his field and is marching in a fast pace towards being a glorious stock market trader and educator. 

This 19 year old stock trader from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,  has been in this field since past seven years and has now established himself as an expert trader and educator with his brand  ‘Luxury Equities’ which has a growing member list of more than 50,000 in Discord. He provides education on various topics related to stocks and also teaches them on financial literacy. His journey began at the age of 13, when he got drawn towards the field and started learning more about it by watching YouTube videos. “I got interested in the stock market at an early age but at the same time wanted to pursue my career as an athlete. As I was short on time, managing both was becoming difficult and I had to leave my trading journey midway to pursue my sports career,” says Gavin. 

As the Covid-19 pandemic struck the globe everything came to a halt, including his dreams to make it as an athlete. As time was aplenty, Gavin again restarted his journey as a trader and excelled in it much more than his expectations. He earned huge amounts from trading in a year which was phenomenal and also learnt in-depth trading strategies which gave excellent results. There was a constant urge to share his knowledge about trading with others and thus started his stint on TikTok where he taught people on how to excel in trading. Realizing soon that there was a better platform named Discord to get his initiative forward, he soon migrated on Discord which today has more than 50,000 members who are gaining immense knowledge on stock trading given his vast training manuals which explain and teach in details about stock markets. 

To know more, follow him on Instagram @gavin_mayo.

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