The medical world has one gem who has excelled in his respective field – Dr Bal Raj.

This remarkable orthopaedic surgeon has done wonders with his work which has won him admirers from all quarters.

Many in the field of medicinal science have proved their mettle through the extraordinary work that they have done which has taken them to soaring heights of success. Amidst us is one such medical professional whose work has been appreciated worldwide resulting in growing number of patients who flock to get treated under him. He is Dr Bal Raj, a board certified surgeon who has done remarkable work in the field of medical science and has gained trust of many patients globally. 

Dr Bal Raj who has been operating his clinics in Dubai and Beverly Hills since past 15 years has a number of patients which include politicians, athletes and celebrities from the entertainment industry have openly applauded his work which is exceptionally good and result-oriented. He specializes in sports injuries, joint arthritis and extremity surgery and is known for his high quality surgical and non surgical techniques involving sports injuries. The work that he does is a bit unique and involves unique bedside manner and concierge approach which are backed by modern technologies and latest equipments. 

Dr Raj is perhaps the only orthopaedic surgeon who combines a holistic approach with western medicine to create that magical effect which works positively on his patients. He has gone well ahead in his career as an orthopaedic surgeon and shares his knowledge on various mediums like contributing as a main writer for webMD or lending his support as a ABC medical consultant. He has excelled in whatever job he has taken on hand. Dr Raj has also been a part of many celebrity endorsements in the past, the most recent ones being Anderson Silva’s comeback.

Having made his mark as a trustworthy orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Raj now wants to expand his reach by establishing many more clinics across the globe. With the fast pace that he is moving ahead this might soon be a reality in the near future, definitely!

To know more about Dr Bal Raj, visit his official website

Also follow him on Instagram@drraj for regular updates.

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