Meet Karyna Romanova: Taking huge strides in Music Industry.

DJ, track creator and Actor, Karyna Romanova in on route to enthrall all by her talent.  

Music is the best refreshment and it pours inner and mental peace in people’s heart and life. We have seen many creative people in music industry entertaining audience with their talent. Music industry is very wide and equally highly competitive. One must be very creative in this field to win the heart of the audience. Music is the best entertainment and it works as medicine for all age group people.

Let’s have a glance on the journey of amazingly talented Karyna Romanova. She is a DJ and Actor, Karyna does Djing in many styles like – techno house, afro house, and melodic. She loves being a DJ and is totally engrossed in creating different music creation, which gives her immense inspiration to create her own track. With her hard work, determination, consistency in her work and most importantly her love and passion for music Karyna wants to master the art and become the most successful DJ player.

Karyna is currently working on her first track which will release soon. She is not only a track creator, DJ, but also a well-established actor. She has worked in filming of a TV serial, movies and plays DJ sets at event. Her success story doesn’t end here, She work in association with two largest agencies – Modelling agency in the USA MMG and Acting agency MTM in Miami. Her immense skills of music sense and acting which she implements very efficiently results in much recognition for her. 

Few years back she came to the United States and started her career in Djing and Acting and groove. Now she has made her own unique identity in the Industry. Spreading her networking skills and making more connections within the industry has enabled her to work on her first project which will be released soon; she definitely wins the heart of the audiences by her sheer talent and capabilities.  Her creative ideas of presentations have been appreciated by many.

We wish she keeps inspiring us all and have a great future full of success. Follow her on Instagram @miss_ramanova.

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