Victoria Kennedy, a young and dynamic business personality of America, shares pro PR tips for gaining publicity.

Her firm Victorious PR is leading the industry from the front, becoming a 6 figures company.

Entrepreneurs all across the world constantly lookout for ways they can build more credibility and create more buzz around them and their companies. For this, they make sure to try every other strategy and method for getting the attention they want around their brands. However, experts are of the opinion that nothing beats PR. Moreover, now, when many businesses have already moved digital, a great online PR strategy and campaign can lead brands and businesses to success levels they never imagined. One such expert we came across is Victoria Kennedy, a young American business talent who successfully runs her company ‘Victorious PR’.

She has completely immersed herself in the world of PR; having a background and passion for communications, she understood the power of great storytelling and how it can bring massive results to entrepreneurs. Hence, she initiated Victorious PR, giving entrepreneurs and internet marketers great publicity and attention through featuring them in prominent media publications of the world. Victoria Kennedy today shares with us pro PR tips for gaining publicity.

  • Get featured: The most effective way of gaining more buzz around one’s brand and business is to get featured on well-known media publications. It is a great way to cover the story of the business, where people need to understand their marketing message and then creatively craft them to gain the maximum impact.
  • Showcase the humorous side: This is a great way to make people feel positive about your business, says Victoria Kennedy. One can create humorous and funny ads that their target audience will love. This attracts great attention.
  • Offer something exciting: Victoria Kennedy says that entrepreneurs must create more noise when they have something new to promote through an effective PR campaign. They must offer something exciting and release the product in a limited way to enhance more anticipation in people.

Apart from the points mentioned above, Victoria Kennedy explains entrepreneurs must also work towards getting their promotion game stronger by getting their freebies, merchandise, posters, etc., that will help in creating resonance among customers. They can also launch contests, and competitions, which will also attract more attention. This will make more news around them.

Interestingly, Victoria Kennedy started with being an opera singer, and before that was also involved in the Miss California Pageant, winning many titles and talent awards. Today, as a PR expert and entrepreneur, she has impressed people and proved her expertise through the results she has provided to her clients.

Do connect with her on Instagram @thevictoriakennedy or visit the website,

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