A Haircare Expert That Suggests An All Natural Solution: Francie Gillian Garcia

Born and brought up in Trinidad and Tobago, a country in the Caribbean, Francine Gillian Garcia has always been an enthusiastic woman working hard towards what she is interested and talented in. Soon after the completion of her secondary education in Trinidad from Vessigny government, Francine Gillian Garcia decided to get her general equivalency diploma from Brooklyn College in order to continue her higher education.

Having a lot of dreams and aims to achieve, Francine Gillian Garcia has always tried to become the best version of herself. On the path to becoming successful, Francine Gillian Garcia soon realised that she is quite talented as a professional hair stylist, educator, content creator, serial entrepreneur and also a philanthropist.

Although Francine Gillian Garcia has become very popular these days, as she has been featured in Oprah magazine and Essence, this does not mean that she did not have to go through difficulties and challenging situations in her own life. She was extremely close with her grandmother and after she passed away, she felt completely shattered, thinking that she would never be able to recover from this. Being a hair stylist has been one of the best things for her, since she is following her passion. It is not a headache for her like most other people, and it is more than just a means of revenue, she really likes to provide for others and spread not just good morals but also good products that are actually helpful for people. The most important thing is that all her products are natural, organic, and she gets it checked especially from Canada before it is imported to USA for a final blend. Now you know why her business Ju Poppin is flourishing!

Her brand was launched in 2020 just as people were entering the lockdown. Since people were not really able to visit the salon, Francine Gillian Garcia came up with her brand that offered products that make people feel like they have just visited the salon, and her products are popularly known as liquid gold because of their healing properties and also growth capacities.

According to her, it is God who gifted her with all these things, and without which she would not have been able to do all these things. Believing in gospel music and in God, she has always carried on her life on a positive note, wanting to make other people happy and putting their feelings and considerations before her own. She has always loved and protected her family members, her kids and all her grandkids, they are very important parts of her world. Similarly, providing with the best products to all her customers, Francine Gillian Garcia does not just wish everyone well, she wishes everyone a happy hair day everyday. 

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