Nikolay Shkilev has not only secured his own future but several others as well:

Nikolay Shkilev is a serial entrepreneur and expert cryptocurrency investor. Through his wisdom and ventures, he has built a fortune even though he started out with nothing. Today he is looked up to, not only as a veteran in his fields of work but also as a successful mentor who is responsible for impacting and educating several youngsters about the benefits of crypto and blockchain marketing. 

It is said that 25 to 30 years ago few people understood and accepted the internet and many refused to use the internet and have later regretted it, so the same goes with Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Nikolay spent several years studying blockchain which was quite interesting to him and he understood the potential of blockchain and how it could be influencing the future. It’s just the beginning.

On being asked about the one event that gave him the launching pad to becoming THE Nikolay Shkilev we know today, he narrated this anecdote. Once he got offered by a large-scale international team to help them upgrade their operating product up to a global standard. They entrusted him the project with full control citing his vast experience in the field. The result? The company gathered over 30 million in investments and their production went soaring through the roofs. After this, a myriad of people started enquiring about the reasons behind the team’s mind-boggling success and to which, they had only one response, “Nikolay Shkilev”. And after this, Nikolay became the most sought-after entity in the industry. Everyone wanted him. This led to Nikolay receiving numerous offers daily, something that has persisted to date. But the most important takeaway from here, according to Nikolay is the very network he formed by providing his services. The network is what led to him becoming the phenomenon he is right now. As he went on assisting people with their businesses, they kept on spreading the word about him, giving him a glorifying recommendation. As a result, Nikola became one of the most well-known names in almost every country and every Blockchain platform.

Besides this, he got the opportunity to speak at various prestigious summits and conferences. He goes all over the world, guiding people about the worldwide phenomenon Blockchain is about to be, making himself accessible to the masses. He believes that once you get to the top of the mountain, it gets very lonely up there. He wants to share these riches with as many people as possible, helping them attain unprecedented heights.

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