A True Artist With A Developed Skill In Customized Jewelry: Benny Da Jeweler

It takes a true individual to develop the skill in interpreting what an individual wants solely by provided instructions. It is like creating art, but also providing personal touches that are well received by the client. Yes, the industry that we are talking about is customized jewellery making, in the present days it has become very popular among a lot of people, especially celebrities who desire to make a statement with the things that they own. Yet, one cannot certainly make a statement unless and until they have a unique product, and for this kind of service, most of them rely on Benny Nisanov, an individual who has years of experience down his back.

Benny Nisanov was only eight years old when he first got involved in the jewellery making industry. And he has a unique way of preparing the products, not just pinning down the draught product and bringing it to life, it is actually a very Lindy process that only a skilled artist or a skilled jeweller who has experienced a wide range of work can perform.

After penning down the instructions, a rough draft is drawn, and Benny Nisanov creates a sketch that helps the client to alter or change whatever they might not have guessed when they first imagined the jewellery product in their mind. For double safety, Benny Nisanov also prepares a wooden model so that the client can be assured about how the final outcome is going to look, similarly, they can make changes once again as per the requirements. This lengthy and complicated project method is time-consuming, but this is the reason why the services of Benny Nisanov has been profound and he has never received one negative review from the people who have ever visited him. 

Most of the time, Benny Nisanov takes only about a week or four weeks to complete the project, which is very little provided the amount of effort that goes into creating a final product. However, he not only provides for customers jewellery but a range of other goods that are available in his well-established shop on the 47th St of New York city. This includes pendants, watches, earrings, rings, chains, and even some other accessories as per the trend. To remain updated with the trend is extremely important.

Benny Nisanov has even managed to gain a huge fan following on Instagram which is more than 126 thousand, and he has been busy looking for more future opportunities to establish stores all over the US. To know more, provided below is the link for his official website:


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