Douglas James speaks on the rapidly evolving digital marketing industry:

For anyone who is keeping up with the world around them, one thing will surely stand out to you. And this is advertisements. Whether it be on the TV, in the newspaper, on billboards and flyers of course and nowadays even on our phones- all media we consume consists of advertisements. But nowadays, in a world that is becoming increasingly digitalized, advertising and marketing trends also have to keep up. This is where Douglas James comes in. Douglas James is a professional digital marketer, coach, and humanitarian. He has been doing extremely well in recent times and has personally helped train and coach several entrepreneurs of the new generation. 

If there is one thing that he understands quite clearly is the impact of any particular business and trade if proper methods are taken to spread it virtually, or through visual methods. this means that publicity and advertising are considered to be extremely important because it allows people to build platforms and to reach as many people as possible. With the help of correct content creation, video creation, and advertising skills, Douglas James was able to perform such activities on various social media platforms that include Facebook and YouTube.

“To be honest, I was initially absolutely impressed by the amount of impact social media can have on people, and since then I have not stopped proper use of my social media platforms like Facebook for advertisement purposes. There are so many different tools and techniques that you can utilize to create the perfect advertisement, it can not only be informative and promotional but also interactive in nature since that gives people an impression that the business organization on the company actually cares about its clients. These tricks and techniques were not easy to learn, but I suggest with proper coaching and experience everything is possible”.

Douglas James learned quite a lot about marketing, and how he could utilize the different tools to create the top-notch impression that the client deserves and requires for perfect growth. there was something unique about the effective market platform to reach out to the audiences and global market. Local businesses are something that needs a very uplifting boost these days, and Douglas James started using Facebook advertisements to do exactly this, help out small businesses to reach their desired goals. 

However, recently Douglas James has come to the conclusion that keeping up with his earlier attitude of evolving with evolving times, he must consider YouTube to be a better platform than Facebook for digital marketers. This change is mostly due to changing consumer trends and demographics. People do not usually open Facebook with the attitude of checking out ads, whereas the concept of sponsorships and marketing has been steadily growing on YouTube. 

There are a lot more observations and information one can gain from Douglas James so, make sure you keep in contact with him on:

Instagram: @the_douglasjames

Twitter: @Douglas_james_




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