MyCarAuction- The digital platform where one buy and sell their cars by just being at home:

The digital platform is MyCarAuction where one can sell their cars and within 24 hours your car product can be seen by a huge number of buyers which is almost over 50,000. The idea of this platform was by three intelligent people. The name of the members who are heading this are:

1) Mark Moshayedi, The CEO of the company.

2)Ryan Gallagher, The COO of the company.

3)Ray Ashrafi, a car veteran with over 30 years in the industry.

Mr Gallagher has a very strong background in finance and he was involved in $16.5 billion worth of sales and marketing transactions. Mr Moshayedi is a serial entrepreneur with successful business ventures in technology commercial and residential in real estate and classic cars. One of the biggest achievements of the MyCarAuction is that they have grown revenue to over $40 million and they are in the greater Phoenix area.

On asking about how they made a name for themselves or the company in this competitive industry, they said, “Our company provides the ability for consumers to sell their car for the highest price from the convenience of their home.  We are able to provide the highest price because we do not have expensive brick and mortar locations to pay for.  We pass these savings on to consumers.  Additionally, our service is 100% risk-free.  We give you two prices in 45 seconds.  The first price gives you the ability to sell your car immediately and we will come to pick it up within 24 hours. The second price gives you the ability to auction your car. (Due to our lean and asset-light structure) and we are the only platform that gives you the ability to auction your car virtually, while you continue to drive it.  After we do a 10-minute inspection at your home you can continue to use your car.  We use our platform to maximize the value.  If it goes for more money, we share the upside with the customer.  It’s a win-win for the customer.  It is easy, convenient, risk-free, and they get more money.” Their goal is to provide a transparent, convenient way to balance a good relationship between the buyer and the seller.

To know more about MyCarAuction and to make both buying and selling easier for yourself, or to get a free estimate of your car, you can follow them on the social media platforms (links are given below):

Instagram: @mycarauction.official.

Facebook: @mycarauctionofficial.

Tiktok: @mycarauction.

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