Breaking The Stereotypes In The Tech Industry Is Rhett Lindsey

We live in a very diverse world, where people from different backgrounds and cultures try their best to put in their contributions into not just the development of the society as a whole, but their areas of interest and talent in particular. However, this world has not been very accepting in nature on the other hand, and people are not usually included in the society as it is expected by most others. Breaking stereotypes an establishing himself in the tech world is Rhett Lindsey, an inspirational black queer man who has managed to influence not just the people around him but also the technological industry. 

Most of the US corporations, around 90% of them, make use of ATS for hiring processors, but Siimee certainly does not follow a similar path because their goal is to create unknown biassed tool for recruiting.

Before coming up with the final idea of Siimee, Rhett Lindsey spent a very long period of time around seven years to be exact, leading and also collaborating with themes from well known companies that include Tinder, Microsoft, Facebook, the Walt Disney company, and so on. This did not just give him experience, but a perfect source to learn more about how huge corporations function. in the entire time period that he spent in project works and team works come up he kept on hiring talent from different fields in technology and software development sectors.

One of the biggest achievements of Rhett Lindsey has been his establishment with the social impact organisation in Los Angeles. This was during the time that he worked with Tinder. there exists a number of crooked recruitment technologies like application tracking systems or ATS that lead to a lot of unconscious bias, and busy go love Rhett Lindsey is to eliminate this and bring in updated technology systems to deal with such problems that might take place during the hiring process of any particular applicant.

He proudly says, people earlier did not let him take a chair at the table, hence he created a table of his own. This statement surely has the capacity to inspire tons of people and fill them with fire, just like Rhett. We really need more people like him who keep the power to make a change and one day we won’t be discussing such evil aspects of the society.

Want to know more about Siimee and Rhett Lindsey’s experiences? Make sure you follow him on the provided social media links an official Instagram link below:

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