Against all struggles, food blogger Jessica Mack proves that eating without meat is super fun and easy:

Anyone interested in eating healthy and tasty, without meat and animal-based products, must know of Jessica Mack, a chef, teacher, food blogger and lifestyle expert. Earlier in her life, Jessica worked as an occupational therapist for two decades. Due to significant illnesses which impacted her ability to participate in various roles in her life, Jessica retired at a young age from practising as a therapist.

Jessica says, “The biggest challenge is my health. I have been overcome with fatigue, experience incessant fevers, weight loss, muscle contractures, and more. I overcame the challenges of my diseases by keeping the faith, focusing on my blog, and staying connected to my community online. I am grateful that I did not give up before the miracle happened.  I am grateful for a strong support system with my husband, my family, and my friends.  Focusing on raising our daughter also helped me to stay motivated to stay alive! Exercise and meditation help as well.”

She tried out something new and uploaded her food blogging page when people started to share her recipes on social media. Over the years, people prefer eating healthy food to greasy and fast foods. More than meatless Monday offers meatless dishes for both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. It also provides different types of recipes according to people’s preferences.

With her immense love for cooking and baking, she frequently incorporated culinary arts into therapy sessions. She has studied food as a consumer, as a clinician, as a culinary student, and as a food blogger/content creator. Being married to a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy, who, fortunately, also loves vegetarian meals, helped her to experiment with her dishes. Her recipes are versatile. As a vegetarian married to an omnivore, she learned the art of sharing the importance of reducing meat intake.  

It’s crazy what a hobby can turn into. So, if you are stuck and have been thinking to convert your hobby into your profession. This is your sign. Dr Jessica Mack has experienced several obstacles and challenges in her life, but with her strong willpower, she did not let them deter her from achieving her goals, this determination paved the way for Jessica as one of the tops and trending food bloggers in the industry. To know more about her and her blog, follow them on the social media handles linked below.

Instagram: @drjessicamack @morethanmeatlessmonday

Twitter: @morethanmeatle1


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