Making Plastic Surgery viable for all- Dr Alexis Parcells:

Dr Alexis Parcells MD is a New Jersey Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. The owner and operator of SUNNIE, the wrinkle reduction anti-ageing studio. Alexis, a daughter of a special education teacher and urologist, obtained her Bachelor Degree in Arts in Psychology in the year 2006 from Georgetown University. She became interested in the plastic surgery profession after she volunteered with Operation Smile on a medical mission to Morocco, Peru, Vietnam and Kenya. And then she decided to educate herself to take it as a profession. So, she obtained her medical degree from St. George’s University school of medicine. And it was there when she met Mr Burt Parcells, who was an Orthopaedic Surgeon. But that was not the end of her education and the destination of her medical journey. She went on with the next stage of her medical education and completed her plastic surgery residency at Rutgers New Jersey medical school and was based certificate by the American board of plastic surgery. 

Alexis has been specialising in many other fields of medical and plastic surgery. She is a famous reconstructive surgeon and plastic surgeon specializing in breast cancer treatment and educator on female health. Alexis specialises in breast lifts, reduction, reconstructions, implants surgery, breast revisions mommy makeover, tummy tucks, labiaplasty and upper eyelid surgery. She believes and is proud in helping out women to live the standard life and healthy life in the changing and male-dominated world. It is the right of everyone to live a healthy and safe life. 

All women love to look beautiful and well maintained. It is not a crime or a bad thing to look after your wellbeing even after you are suffering from health problems like cancer. Alexis has provided her services to all women by her aesthetic practice and operates her Sunnie, which is a studio to help out women in difficult facial treatment as wrinkle-reducing, anti-ageing and focusing on non-surgical intervention like Botox, fillers, skincare, CO2 laser resurfacing and sun-protective clothing. Apart from this Alexis has also helped out breast cancer patients in restoring wholeness during lumpectomy and mastectomy and breast reconstruction. She helps out her patience through organisations called the Breastiec.Org, Minette’s Angeles.Org and Classy.Org. these organisations help out women, who are suffering and connecting them with other women who are going through such situations live changing health decisions.

To know more about Dr Alexis Parcells, follow her on her social media handles as well as all the organisations she is associated with:

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