Kartik Aryan is leading the global business scenario- find out why:

Kartik Aryan is a successful entrepreneur who is the founder and Executive Chairman of KGV Group Ventures. He believes that a leader must possess certain skills in order for his company to become successful. Attributes such as vision, integrity, communication, and curiosity are very important. A strong leader is able to build strong teams which is the core of a successful business. It is especially important in such uncertain times where one must keep up with the latest technology. “As the head of the group, I’ve always encouraged strategic thinking, innovation, and action. We set and prioritize goals and take responsibility for accomplishing them”, said Kartik. He believes that employee growth is very essential and a leader must learn how to nurture and utilize the talent in growing the business. He believes that leaders need to have self-belief and not be intimidated by their goals irrespective of how unattainable they might seem and continuously strive to achieve them with an unfaltering commitment.

Kartik believes that besides having risk handling skills, an entrepreneur is supposed to not lose his cool in the face of failure. This is also the trait of a true leader. However, this in no way implies that one should give up easily. It simply means that you need to view failures as a lesson in order to learn and grow. This comes from a successful entrepreneur who has had more than 10 years of experience in the Business Industry.

Kartik Anand, is Founder and Executive Chairman of King Group Ventures LLC. After working immensely and setting up successful lead generation business globally, he was able to further successfully diversify his group’s operations to different industries. Now it has a host of business verticals under Kings Group Ventures (KGV). And its publishing and media companies provide content curation and marketing services to IT giants across the globe. KGV’s service vertical also has a premium laundry & dry clean business backed by high-tech processes.

Along with that he is also CEO and Chairman of XDBS Corporation. The motto of XDBS Corporation is to progress forward towards better and increased possibilities with the help of a passionate culture that strives to offer the best outcomes in terms of services for clients. It will continue to offer the best digital marketing services required by the clients and invest more in the latest marketing technologies and expert assistance.

There is a lot more to know about Kartik Anand and his several ventures. If you wish to take a closer look, check out the links mentioned below:






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