Hardwork And Determination!

Nowadays everybody is running in the race just to win but the one who is determined towards his/her goals is a true runner. So is Kaleb Mickens who’s pen name is Cash Cartier, is an American serial entrepreneur, digital marketer, stock trader.

He is also a social media influencer, investor, internet personality and former footballer.

He has worked with large organizations in the MLM niche, network marketing, and building business strategies to the best of his ability. Cash Cartier has done well in the art of entrepreneurship. Today, he is a  well-recognized successful  entrepreneur who transforms his life and also the lives of people who surround him.

Cartier is considered as a network marketer and brand-builder for individuals and companies by several media houses.

Cartier has served on the Board of Directors of two Rotary Clubs.

He is a professional at social media management and has a huge following on his social handles.

Cartier is a well known for high profile clientele for building digital brands through networking marketing and other media platforms. He has developed an interest in business at an early age and became a successful trader and investor at a very young stage. Cartier is considered as a first person in the network marketing industry and in a short period of time and also has been in the top .05% of income earners in the world which is such an appreciation at a young age.

Carter was also awarded the title of ‘King Of Network Marketing’.

He has been featured by the high-tier news and media publications including ForbesIndia, IBtimes, Influencive, Benzinga, Thrive Global and several other news platforms.

All this shows Carter’s determination to work and progress in the journey of life.

            ✓Links for Carter’s social media handle’s are as follows:





  1. IMBD:


✓Carter’s Wiki Pages links are:

  1. https://simple.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cash_Cartier
  1. https://wikitia.com/wiki/Cash_Cartier
  1. https://en.wikialpha.org/wiki/Cash_Cartier
  1. https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cash_Cartier.jpg

        ✓  Current Username: @cashcartier

         ✓  Email linked: Kalebmickens@gmail.com

          ✓Carter’s Website:


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