Noble 33 is bringing a new meaning to the extents of hospitality:

The food industry is something that never runs out of business, such a wide and diverse field that allows individuals to fully utilize their skills. However, such industries require extremely talented and dedicated people because it can never be a part-time job, it has to be your entire lifestyle. Mikey Tanha is one such skilled individual who happens to be the chief executive officer in a well-known lifestyle hospitality organization known as Noble 33.

People under Mikey Tanha’s team are leaders in providing the qualities of a good lifestyle hospitality company, this is because most of these organizations fail to provide valued services. This is the reason why Noble 33 sets an example in this particular industry, always focusing on the quality of food provided. Food is something that has its way to winning hearts, and they do it just right. Most other companies aim to first target maximum sales- their quality usually comes later. Since Noble 33 has been in the market for a pretty long time, they have refined over time and completely coincided with the demands of the people. The food is something to admire, making the guests feel like their experience of fine dining is truly worth it. good food is always responsible for causing a positive change in a person throughout the day, and giving them a fulfilling experience through their restaurants Noble 33 makes so many days better for people who had just given up on life. 

Even if you are health conscious, there is no need to be extremely worded because Noble 33 make sure to use organic ingredients for making all their food products. It is sustainable, healthy, and has a high quality along with nutrient content. The health and wellbeing of a guest is the number one priority of the company, and compromising on them is not something they have ever done. In fact, in the wake of the pandemic health consciousness has made a permanent place in people’s minds, so this works in the favour of the organization itself.

“The next phase of hospitably for us in the future will be experiential members clubs and boutique hotels.  We already have plans of launching a one-of-a-kind members club with 6+ outlets in the heart of West Hollywood at the end of 2023 (more details to come soon) which will revolutionize the hospitality industry.”, Mikey Tanha adds. 

There is a lot more to know about Mikey Tanha and he is sure to go on to do many more great things before he finally retires. Stay tuned with Mikey Tanha and his achievements by following him on his social media profiles linked below:

Instagram: @mikeythegoat



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