How Holistic Wellness Movement Cool 2Be Conscious Has Changed Lives

One of the most amazing facts about life is that no situation is permanent. Everyone is born with the potential to change their situation and achieve what was once a dream. The key remains in being focused and dedicated to one’s goals despite the hardships in their path. But also, self-awareness and realization of one’s potential are essential for success. It’s a tall order for anyone to live their dream without self-confidence and awareness.

Cool 2Be Conscious is a holistic movement founded by Ru Mackenzie and Ryan Hubbard, two passionate philanthropists looking to change lives. Widely recognized as the C2BC movement, it’s an Australian-based drive that has shifted its impact to the global front. Its primary mandate is to empower others by giving them the permission, inspiration, and road map to becoming the fullest expression of themselves. To Ru and Ry, this is where true freedom and peace are found. Communities will soon be accessible, and events will be coming to the world. Their services are accessible to anyone, and they are always ready to help anyone who shows the desire to level up and step into the life they desire.

Since its establishment, C2BC has been instrumental in impacting lives worldwide. They have continually elevated the consciousness of humankind, leading to a more compassionate and loving world. Essentially, C2BC has established its presence as the go-to place for a simple understanding of how to live a more abundant and fulfilled life.

To reach a more diverse audience, C2BC has launched various ways to offer its services. The C2BC podcast is an informative and educational show designed to inspire and create positive change in people’s lives. They also conduct regular Instagram lives in 30-minute online sessions to engage with their audience. The C2BC website is also an innovative tool to quickly gain free access to pre-recorded meditations, state-shifting breath work, and habit resources.

In addition, one can choose to experience the whole range of C2BC experiences, a 6.5-hour session that will empower one to learn how to let go of old habits and beliefs and create a new life. It will help people shift perspectives and clear out any emotions that might be holding them back.

Authenticity, reality, and practicality are what sets C2BC apart from others. They are cool, fun, and up with the times, and most importantly, they know how to build trust and change people’s lives for the better, better than anyone else. To C2BC, a positive mindset is a key component in life and starting any venture because it keeps someone going when they face challenges. Also, having a mindset or a ‘why’ that’s much bigger than themselves will add extra energy and meaning to their work. At C2BC, they constantly ask, “With the resources we have access to and the knowledge we have available, how can we serve as many people as we can today?”

This is one of the effective ways in which they raise the consciousness of the planet, and Ru and Ryan often find themselves coming back to this when a reminder is needed. Having a reason greater than the individual is the best mindset.

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