The Hot 97 of the South: 101Jamz in Charlottesville, Va

Experiencing boredom or lethargy during the day? We have you covered. 101jamz! Amusement that will transform your whole day. Their on-air personalities are remarkable and guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. WVAI 101.3 The number one Hip-Hop and R&B radio station in Charlottesville is Jamz. They have original programming such as the following:

• Jo Iyce’s Morning Show with Sherell Rowe

• Smash City performed by DJ Almighty

• Chey Parker’s The Midday Connection

• The Chris Thomas Show

• Block Party with Laila and Bri

However, anyone of this would be possible without the efforts of people behind the scenes. The contributions of DJ Almighty (PD), DJ Joi Iyce (Mixshow Coordinator), and Kawani “Que the plug” Belk (Marketing Director/Producer) have aided the team’s efforts to continually improve and advance. The whole management team has unequivocally discovered premium material.

Jo Iyce and Sherrell Rowe in the A.M.

Co-host of Radio One DC’s “The Clean and Dirty Podcast” and “Hot in my city,” you can see DJ Jo Iyce spinning every week at the top DMV nightclubs and on WKYS 93.9 on Fridays. DJ Jo Iyce is a professional DJ who has collaborated with prominent names and businesses in the music and entertainment industries, such as Future. Throughout his intriguing career, he continues to create new ground by making amazing songs and acquiring more knowledge.

Sherell Rowe, co-host of The Morning, is a composer, vocalist, and creative arranger who has established herself in the music business. Sherell was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and her father served in the United States Marine Corps. As a result of her father’s service, she often traveled as a youngster, which exposed her to a wide variety of music and culture. These serve as a source of inspiration for Sherell while composing her music.

Sherell Rowe, an EP released in 2010 by Dark Planet Record, displays her ability. Which was described as “without a doubt, one of the finest ventures of the 2010s.” Numerous musicians have cooperated with the 2011 DMV Award winner for “Best Alternative Artist.” To mention a few, Wale, Raheem Devaughn, and Fattal. She and her longtime friend DJ Jo Iyce may be heard on “Jo Iyce in the Morning with Sherrell Rowe” from Monday to Friday, 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., every weekday. On Instagram, follow @joiyceworld and @sherellroweshow.

Party with Laila and Bri

Laila Lopez instantly found her spot on the radio after being chosen from hundreds of applications to be a radio personality on the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Laila maintained her career after leaving the Steve Harvey Morning Show by joining 107.9 – The Dirty Boys.

Since then, Laila has worked with various premium outlets, including Sirius XM and TMZ. Before finding a home with the 101jamz crew, she was another group member. She is now a co-host of “The Block Party with Laila and Bri!! As soon as they became a married, their connection was easy, and there has never been a boring moment.

Chicago-native Bri Ariel is Laila’s co-host. She first entered the profession at the tender age of 15! Bri immediately adapted to her leading position in the female group she was a member of and learned her way around the business.

She studied fashion merchandising and business marketing while attending college in her native state of Illinois. This prompted her to go to Atlanta to pursue a business job. Once she arrived in Atlanta, she was cast in a YouTube short film, which renewed her passion for the entertainment business and brought her to Hollywood.

Bri boldly took on Los Angeles alone on the west coast, getting a spot on the famed podcast “IZM Radio.” Bri joins the crew after being unanimously picked by the podcast’s die-hard following. Despite IZM being her first exposure to radio, she was the missing component the team had been searching for. Providing genuine and relevant energy that grabs listeners.

Bri aimed for the heavens and never ceased to ignite the spark. The IZM radio program inspired her to co-host not just a long-running show but also reality shows about herself and a touring business show that featured Black-owned businesses. Bri has created one of the most coveted locations to live her home through dedication and charm, despite beginning in an obscure location.

Follow Bri and Laila on Twitter, @mslailalopez, and @bri.arier, and never miss their program! “Saturday block parties with Laila and Bri from 3 to 7 p.m.” It seems as if they never skip a beat; they have the proper feelings. Are you able to attend a Block Party?

Chey Parker’s The Midday Connection

However, 101Jamz does not end there. Chey Parker is 101Jamz’s lunchtime personality. She takes over the airwaves daily from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., succeeding Jo Iyce and Sherrell Rowe. She may also be heard often from Fridays through Sundays on 93.3WKYS.

Parker is a media personality and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience as a writer, editor, producer, and on-air performer. Chey, a native of Hampton, received a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science from Howard University in 2013 with the highest distinction. She has previously worked for C-SPAN, the British Broadcasting Corporation, Radio One, IHeartMedia, and PBS. She was included on Vice’s DMV Top 35 Under 25 list in 2019 for her professional accomplishments and services to the industry.

But Chey is not just interested in media. She is presently a lead communications expert at Deloitte Services LP, one of the world’s major accountancy and consulting companies. She supports strategic communications for the company’s top-priority business marketing projects. Chey is also the proud owner of panic n’ Sophisticated Glamour, a premium lifestyle and apparel company that will relaunch in 2022. Follow her @iamcheyparker for updates on the Launch and Chey.

DJ Almighty hosts Smash City Radio.

DJ Almighty is another fantastic member of the 101Jamz family. Born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York, and reared in the east Brooklyn pink house projects, Almighty relocated to New Jersey until the late 1990s and then to Virginia in 1998, where his aspirations came true.

His music was influenced by his father, Joseph “DJ Peter Jeter” Middleton, and his uncle, Gerard “The Disco” jammers, who ran the streets of Brooklyn. Almighty was introduced to the hip-hop business by the legendary DJ Watkins, who also introduced Fat Boy’s Prince Markie D, Whodini, Salt n Pepa Jaz-o, and Fresh Gordon. He found Salt n’ Pepa’s Spinderella. However, he is not properly acknowledged for it.

After traveling to Virginia and obtaining a slot on WNRN’s The Boom Box 91.9 FM in Charlottesville, Almighty succeeded on his own. This is where he now lives, owns, and manages the 101.3 Jamz radio station. In addition, he co-founded the spirit of Charlottesville urban event with local friends. Follow @djalmighty on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.


However, what about weekends? I can hear you talking. Don’t worry; DJ Radio Mix Show has us covered. Every Saturday from 9 in morning. to 5 in night. DJ Ms. Carter, Coalition DJs, and Jonny Kaine (@jonny.kaine) deliver the heat with continuous hits. The music is current and keeps the celebration going all weekend long.

The Show with Chris Thomas

In addition, a new program starring Chris Thomas will premiere in July 2022. I eagerly anticipate Saturday morning, which may be the most bizarre thing I’ve ever uttered.

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