Royce Jakob, Trading Expert and CEO, Is Changing Thousands of Lives

Royce Jakob understood the principles of money at an early age. Between the ages of 14 and 18, he worked on an oyster farm his dad managed. At 16, he took his first step in entrepreneurship and started a clothing and production brand called Action. In 2014, when Royce was 19 years old, he took some of the proceeds from Action and started trading in the financial markets. That opened another chapter in his life, one that has made him extremely wealthy at a young age.

Royce is an expert financial markets trader from Hawaii. He is a serial entrepreneur with various interests, but trading is special to him. Royce is the CEO and founder of WAVE$ Capital, and his first company, Action. He grew up in Kona, on the island of Hawaii, and declares himself a pretty good surfer. He is also a great wine connoisseur and enjoys skimboarding.

Much of Royce’s success comes from his work as a trader. It only took him a few years once he began trading to become a millionaire. When he is not performing his trading magic, Royce spends his time preparing content for his followers across different social platforms. As a self-taught trader who has made millions in the game, he feels he has to pass that knowledge on to as many people as he can.

Royce began his YouTube channel in early 2020, only a few months before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. By this time, he’d been in the trading game for several years and found enough success to convince himself he could share his knowledge publicly. With Covid-19 lockdowns in place in many cities, people spent more time online. There was also more interest in the financial markets. That worked in Royce’s favor because this momentum caused his channel to grow exponentially.

Royce’s channel focuses on both the technical and fundamental analysis of public equities and cryptocurrencies. Soon after launching, he leveraged his viewership on YouTube to create a daily newsletter subscription product. The newsletter has amassed thousands of monthly paying members since its launch.

More than the money Royce earns from the subscription service, he also gets satisfaction from the impact he has on people’s lives. According to him, trading is, at a very basic level, a numbers game, and anyone can get it right if they are interested. Teaching them to do that is his calling. He adds, “Money is great, don’t get me wrong. I love money. I want to be rich, and that’s why I started trading. But having someone reach out saying that watching my videos allowed their family to have Christmas is far more fulfilling than the 0s you tack onto your net worth.”

Royce believes success is not instantaneous but rather a product of everyday habits and mindset. From his personal experience, excellence is not an act but a habit. In his case, he failed at several entrepreneurial ventures before he found his footing. That’s one of the major lessons he teaches his audience. He says, “Everything is an obstacle. Everything can present an opportunity to better yourself when viewed through that lens.”

Royce’s community continues to grow every day. On his part, he remains committed to observing trends in the markets and creating the best content he can based on said trends. He promises to continue passing that content on to as many people as possible, helping them transform their financial lives.

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