How Family First Life is transforming the insurance industry

Life insurance company Family First Life (FFL) helps a minimum of 100 families each year. Besides sales, the company is renowned for its positive reputation for caring for its agents. FFL also provides free training, leads and high compensation levels to its agents, along with more resources that have revolutionized the insurance industry.

One of the many agents who have attained success thanks to FFL is Andrew Taylor. He started working as a grocery bagger, and he’s now one of the top life insurance agents in the U.S. He’s also known on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram for his expertise. Taylor is also the founder and president of FFL USA, which is an insurance marketing organization associated with FFL.

Through FFL USA, thousands of agents have become successful in the life insurance industry. In fact, just in April this year, the agency has helped more than 2,400 agents serve 16,000 families collectively. Although they did the hard work themselves, they still credit a part of their achievement to FFL USA for guiding them and boosting their career.

Without any knowledge of the industry, agents will find it hard to succeed in such a competitive environment. This is where the role of the team of experts from FFL USA comes on the scene. They give tips on how the agents can overcome potential challenges they will most likely face. The company also offers various resources that no other companies in the industry provide.

For instance, agents who work with FFL USA are given free training on annuities, final expenses, Indexed Universal Life (IUL) insurance, mortgage protection and sales, among many other topics. The lessons are structured to guide them to success as long as they are dedicated and put in effort. The agency offers more benefits, such as warm leads and up to 145% compensation.

It’s hard to find the same offers anywhere else, and the company treats its agents the way they deserve to be treated. So many have testified to how FFL USA has changed their lives and forever transformed the life insurance industry. Some of their stories can be found on the agency’s YouTube channel and Facebook and Instagram pages.

The company was able to grow at such a rapid pace because it provided what no one else in the industry did. In addition, while other companies ask their agents for registration, CRM, and monthly membership fees, FFL USA does not. Despite not requiring such expenses from its agents, it offers more perks than its competitors.

FFL USA made a name for itself by boosting its agents’ careers. At the same time, its agents are able to realize success through the company’s help and support. The company has truly revolutionized the insurance industry through the resources it provides to its agents. Its strategies are proven through numerous testimonies of major positive changes in their lives, especially financial changes.

You can connect with Taylor on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can also check out FFL USA on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram

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